Audiobook release!

Story of God, Story of Us - 2400x2400 coverSince my first book “The Story of God, the Story of Us” was published 4 years ago, I have hoped to make it available as an audiobook, primarily because of my conviction that the experience of hearing the Story is very different from that of reading the Story. For the past 13 years, Rebecca and I have been narrating this Story together, and every time we get to the end of 12 weeks with a group of people, my conviction is only strengthened. There is something about receiving the Story through our ears rather than our eyes that seems to open us up to encountering familiar (and unfamiliar) stories in new ways.

I’ve had the privilege of speaking about the Story at churches, conferences, retreats and college campuses for the last 4 years, and have often been asked if it was available as an audiobook. I’m delighted that I can now answer “yes!” Through a chance conversation with Nathan Baker-Lutz from IVP last summer, we discovered that it might be possible for us to produce the audiobook with him, and last winter we did the recording over 3 snowy days in a studio in Chicago’s western suburbs. As Rebecca and I have always told the Story together, we decided to record the Story together. So we read alternating chapters, just as we do when we narrate the Story with groups. Nathan added sound effects to help set the scene audibly, and then mastered the final files. And now we had an audiobook! Finding a distributor was more challenging.

After our preferred option fell through, we considered taking the easiest route and going with Amazon’s audio division, but continued to look into other options. We finally settled on working with Spoken Word, a small company in North Carolina, who have been delightful to work with, and who offer a much better royalty rate than the alternatives. They will make the audiobook available through the large online outlets such as for people to ‘stumble across’, but we’re hoping our friends and people who’ve enjoyed the book will download the audiobook from Spoken Word’s site, for two reasons. First: this will give us a much higher percentage of the royalties, which is part of how we’re paying the bills. Second: it supports a small business, one of our practices.

So, here’s the link: The Story of God, the Story of Us audiobook

Please help us get the word out and pass it on to friends and family who listen to audiobooks!

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